The Clear Word Bible... Maybe not so "clear."


Misleading advertising has occasionally deceived everyone. Years ago a new drug Zomax was marketed. It was heavily advertised and promoted by drug representatives as a very effective and nonaddicting analgesic. What was not to like about that? I was an enthusiastic prescriber as were many other professionals. In the two years or so that it was on the market in the United States of America, 15 MILLION prescriptions were sold. But there was a problem; 1,000 anaphylactic reactions and five deaths resulted from its use. The drug company's opinion was that "the nonfatal reaction rate of one in 15,000 is rare" and "less common than allergic reactions to penicillin." There was probably a little lie in there; allergic reactions to penicillins are fairly common but the majority consist of a rash or hives and not serious "nonfatal" reactions. Fortunately, none of those I prescribed the drug to had any type of untoward reaction. What I learned from that is that drug representatives may be uninformed and that trust in drug companies should be limited.

After Zomax the analgesic was withdrawn, another drug was marketed as Zomax (the antibiotic azithromycin) in some countries. The drug company must have really liked that name.

Bibles like drugs are big business. The Bible Society's estimate of the number of bibles printed between 1816 and 1992 is about 6 billion. About 50 bibles are sold every minute. Isn't it to be expected that publishing companies would advertise and promote any Bible, corrupt or not, if it was profitable?

Deceptive advertising has deceived many Christians. Look at the names of the new bibles. There was the Revised Version which makes it sound like the previous version was defective and needed revising. Then came the Revised Standard Version using the really good words "revised" and "standard" to make you think it was so improved that it should be the standard to which other bibles should be compared. There followed the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) which since it's "new," must be better yet. Not to be outdone, Dr. Jack J. Blanco, Th.D., and former dean of the School of Religion of Southern Adventist University must have decided the Bible needed to be more "clear" so wrote The Clear Word which, right on the front cover on one I have says, "an expanded paraphrase of the Bible." Since that Bible is heavily promoted by various Seventh-day Adventist independent ministries and the Adventist Book Center I suspect the various peddlers thereof and Dr. Blanco have been raking in the cash from selling it. The title, "The Clear Word", is a lie as the following discussion of some texts will demonstrate to anyone who believes in the Spirit of Prophecy and the infallibility of the real Bible, i.e., the King James Bible (KJB). The Clear Word, is an abomination and a disgrace to Seventh-day Adventists.

The two Clear Word Bibles I have are The Clear Word Youth Devotional and The Clear Word for Kids and they are different. Some texts from these Bibles are compared with the KJB below. Sorry, Dr. Blanco. We don't need your "Bible." The one God gave us in 1611 is still perfect.

Children aren't given enough credit for the intelligence they have. On January 3, 1560 John Bois was born in England. By the age of five he had read the Bible (which would have included the unredacted story of Sodom and Gomorrah) in Hebrew and by age six was able to write Hebrew. He had many more accomplishments. He became one of the translators of the King James Bible (see Translators Revived pages 199-208). Without dumbed down bibles and the distractions of television, computers, video games, etc., many of our children with the right motivation could accomplish much more than they do.

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