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The New International Version (NIV) is another bible that has deceived many Protestants including Seventh-day Adventists. The name is good for marketing; it's "new" and it's "international" which is designed to make one think it's the best and is for everyone. It IS for everyone who wishes to be part of the one world church in the New World Order that will be honoring the Whore of Babylon. Though it's called a "translation," the so-called "translation" is so loose that if the truth were told, it would be called a paraphrase.

Why does it matter if various bible versions are used in Seventh-day Adventist meetings and publications? There are a few reasons: What follows is a list of just a few of the corruptions in the NIV (on my list of bible corruptions the NIV is guilty of over 200 of them). Many of the other new bibles share some of these corruptions. If you want a bible with truth not mixed with error, the NIV is a very poor choice compared to the Protestant Bible.

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