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The following is a list of publications in alphabetical order by author's last name I found most useful in my research. Without apology, this site is for Seventh-day Adventists to hopefully wake up a few. I believe the King James Bible to be the infallible Word of God and that the modern versions are corrupt, counterfeit and have deadly poison in them. I also believe that Ellen G. White was a messenger and a prophet sent by God to his children to help them in the last days and I make no apology for that either.

Some of the references are from Seventh-day Adventist sources and some of the authors are/were Baptists. I do not agree with all of Baptist theology but, sadly, it has taken some Baptists to expose some of the apostasy and stupidity that is present in their church and in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Those references with the author's name(s) in bold are ones I found most useful. I have done and do a lot of reading so this list will no doubt be added to occasionally.

There are various sources for the publications listed. Some are out of print so you'll have to try eBay or Amazon. Others may be purchased directly from a ministry. Prices and shipping charges can vary quite a bit. Some books that have been named on other pages of this site are not included in the above list.

I have written the publications listed below. The prices listed include shipping to U.S.A. addresses. Payment can be mailed to the address listed below. All of them are listed on eBay and the two books are available through Amazon.

CoverForWebSMALL.jpg The book, My Bible Says Satan is Dead!, is a print version of much of the material on this web site. Price $9.50.

CoverForWebSMALL.jpg A booklet of eight pages comparing verses in the Queen James Version, the New King James Version and the King James Bible. The title is, Pick the Infallible Bible: The Queen James Version? The New King James Version? The King James Bible? Price: $2.50.

CoverForWebSMALL.jpg A 340 page book titled So Many Bibles Too Little Time that compares verses from the King James Bible with verses of other bible versions used in Seventh-day Adventist publications. The book is the fruition of the study of the above references and many different bibles. The book discusses many more Bible verses and bible versions (over 30) than are referenced on this site. If there is a better book on this subject written from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective, I've never seen it. Price: $24.50.

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